I have always loved to travel, starting as a teenager
in New England. I was fascinated by maps and traveled
all over North America, mostly on my motorcycle. By
the age of 23, I had been to 49 states and all the
provinces and territories in Canada.

In 1984, after moving to Colorado to work for the U.S.
Geological Survey, I began to explore the mountains,
canyons, deserts, and seascapes of the west. After
experiencing these places in all kinds of weather and
magical evening and early morning light, I developed
a passion for photography.

I am constantly trying to capture rare moments in nature
whether it is a clearing storm at sunset, an unusual bloom
of desert or mountain wildflowers, a rare snowfall, or a
particularly vibrant year for fall colors.

I have also traveled extensively overseas, with emphasis
on the mountains and villages of Europe, Chile and Argentina,
and New Zealand.

My cameras of choice since 1987 have been a 4 x 5 large format
view camera and 35mm Nikon. Most of the images were taken on
Fuji Velvia film. I have recently begun shooting with a Nikon D800e,
but still enjoy shooting with film.