Allen Karsh | Guestbook
Larry Douglas(non-registered)
Beautiful images Allen: A real joy to browse. Thanks for sharing
John Chaney(non-registered)
Very nice website and pictures. Stop by sometime on your way through Casper.
Craig Basanez(non-registered)
Many very nice photographs. I am glad you finally have a website.
Lori Baer(non-registered)
Great website Al!
Gary Kress(non-registered)
Great collection of Karsh photos! You just need to add some from Anguilla and Iowa!
Mia Boyle(non-registered)
These photos are absolutely stunning. They convey such sacredness and fill me with wonder for this planet. Thank you for sharing your talent and vision.
--friend of Jack Endino
mike matesky(non-registered)
Jack Endino steered me to your website. Excellent, often stunning, photos!
Rick K(non-registered)
Your shots are breath-taking!! You are truly an artist. The beauty you capture through your lens is something to behold. Keep on snapping -- can't wait to see what comes next!!
Allen, AWESOME job on the website and your photo's are wonderful!
guy whitaker(non-registered)
Congratulations on your new site! Looks real good.
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